Halsey’s Library is run by Librarian Sara Cooper, along with  dedicated volunteers. Library cards are free to Halsey, Shedd and Peoria residents. We are a part of the Oregon Library Passport Program, which allows access to many other libraries across the state.


Library Online Resources

Learning Express Library

Learning Express Library Offers free access to tutorials in math, science, reading and writing, practice tests for the GED, SAT, ACT, and for career certification tests. The Job and Career Accelerator offers resume and cover letter building tools, as well as listings for over 5 million jobs and internship postings. There are resources for college preparation, and there are Spanish Language materials available. There are also tutorials on basic computer and internet skills.

Gale Resource Database

The Gale Resource Database provides free access to thousands of magazines, journals, and newspapers, and more — that’s literally millions of articles! Browse online databases by topic or use the all in one search


The Gale Resource Database provides free access to thousands of magazines, journals, and newspapers, and more — that’s literally millions of articles! Browse online databases by topic or use the all in one search


Have a Question? Ask your local librarian or try ANSWERLAND, Oregon’s statewide live-chat reference service. Ask questions about homework, history, Oregon, geneology, technology, library stuff, what to read, ebooks… and lots of other subjects.

EBSCO Legal Reference Information Center

The EBSCO free legal reference information center contains information across a range of topics including: Business & Corporations, Family Affairs & Divorce, Immigration & Travel, Money & Financial Planning, Patents, Copyrights, & Trademarks, Property & Real Estate, Rights & Disputes, and Wills & Estate Planning.

Libraries of Oregon

Libraries of Oregon is a website that connects Oregon residents to statewide library resources and local public libraries. From here you can access databases that house articles, video clips, podcasts,and images from encyclopedias, almanacs, newspapers, and magazines. You may also use the 24/7 ask-a-librarian service to satisfy their information needs.


Both adult and teen (age 14 and older) volunteers are needed to run the library. New volunteers will work with the Librarian to learn how the library works. Adults can run shifts by themselves, and teens can run shifts under supervision of the Librarian.



what is the time commitment?

We always can use volunteers to run shifts at the Library, but we also need volunteers for events. Our summer reading program and annual 5K walk/run are great to ways to volunteer your time without needing a regular long-term commitment.

how do i find out more?


Please fill out the online interest form to find out more, or stop in during open library hours to fill out an application. We love our volunteers. The library would not be possible without the hard work of our dedicated volunteers!

library history

In 1907, a group of Halsey women organized to form a book club. This organization was first known as the “Gleaners”. The purpose of the group was “diffusing knowledge among the members, to become familiar with the best authors of the day, and the promotion of sociability.” In 1908, the Gleaners became the Halsey Study Club, adopting the motto: “No nation can rise higher than its women.” In addition to reviewing books, the Study Club also promoted the betterment of the community. Among its causes was the establishment of electrical power in Halsey in 1911. In 1925, the Study Club decided that Halsey needed a library building. Funds were solicited and raised by bake sales, plays, and socials. Land north of the M.V. Koontz store was donated for the library building by Clyde Koontz. Cleo Jenkins, and Albany architect, volunteered to design the building

library project

The City of Halsey moved into the new City Hall Building in December of 2012. In February of 2013, the Halsey City Council formed a Library Committee to research the possibility of refurbishing the old City Hall Building and turning it into a Library. In August of 2013, the City Council approved the proposal from the Library Committee to move forward with the Library Project. The Library Committee began raising funds and writing grant applications. In early 2014, they planned and executed two fundraising events: a Saint Patrick’s Day dinner and a Breakfast and Booksale.



The Halsey City Council and Staff, the Halsey Library Committee, and the library volunteers are all grateful to the foundations and organizations that have given grants of funds and materials to the Halsey Library Project. This project would not be possible without you. Thank you to the following organizations for your generous gifts to our Library and our community: Brownsville Community Foundation, Central Linn Lions Club, The Collins Foundation, Free Geek, Georgia Pacific Foundation, Meyer Memorial Trust, Pacific Power Foundation, Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund, Thrivent Financial Foundation, Union Pacific Foundation.

During a City Council Meeting, DLF Pickseed USA donated $8,000 to the Halsey Library Project. On presenting the check, Casey Stutz said, “I’m very proud of the library committee members and this City Council for its commitment to seeing the [library] move forward.” The donation from DLF not only helped to pay for the new roof, it also showed a substantial, tangible community support for the project that helped the City to be successful in it’s grant applications.  The Halsey City Council, staff, and Library Committee are extremely grateful for DLF Pickseed USA’s donation to the Halsey Library Project.



During the first half of 2014, the Library Committee wrote letters to businesses, did two events, wrote grant applications, and approached other organizations to raise funds for the project. DLF Pickseed USA gave the project a huge boost with an $8,000 donation, which also helped to win grants by showing tangible community support for the project. In July of 2014, work on the building began with a new roof, and volunteers also spent their first “work party” day painting the exterior of the building in August. Public Works staff replaced rotted wood trim on the exterior of the building, and rebuilt the porch on the south side of the building.



In November and December of 2014, community volunteers tore out the old plaster and carpet from the interior of the building. Two small walls were also removed: the wall seperating the tiny bathroom from the slightly larger “hallway,” and the wall that seperated the bathroom and the hallway from the office. This was necessary to allow space for the construction of a larger, ADA bathroom.



In January 2015, Councilor Ken Lorensen and several volunteers began the work of framing in the interior of the building. They firred out the outer walls and framed the new bathroom and office walls. Insulation was installed in the outer walls. A contractor also installed insulation above the ceiling and in the crawlspace under the floor. Contractors installed new electrical wiring and plumbing for the bathroom. Drywall was then installed, textured and painted. The old wood floors were sanded and refinished. Inserts were installed in the front windows to help increase the efficiency of the building and reduce heating costs. The original trim was repainted and reinstalled. Fixtures, hardware, and cabinets were installed, followed by furniture, bookshelves and computers



In May of 2015, the city hired TJ Gillson to be the part time Librarian for the Halsey City Library. In addition to over 15 years experience, TJ had also volunteered her time for several years as a Librarian to operate the Bookmobile for Halsey residents. She also volunteered time in the demolition and refurbishment of the Library building. Once hired, Librarian TJ Gillson began to train and organize volunteers in how to process books.



Book donations had been accepted since late 2013. During construction, Grace Bible Community Church offered to store the donated books — and they filled up an entire room. In May of 2015, computer software was installed, and volunteers were able to begin sorting and processing books. The Bookmobile collection was sorted and re-processed into the Library. New books were purchased, and these were processed as well. While many donations were sorted and processed, at the time of opening, library staff and volunteers still have many more boxes of books to sort and add to the collection. This work will be ongoing, and new and donated books will be added to the collection continuously.



On August 2015, HSRFPD Captain Travis Hewitt helped Public Works Andy Ridinger to install the new sign on the front of the lIbrary building. The Halsey City Library opened on August 15, 2015 with a Grand Opening Celebration from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.