The City Budget is the financial plan for a one year period. All cities in Oregon have a fiscal year that begins on July 1st, and ends on June 30th. This schedule is set by the state. Cities in Oregon must plan a balanced budget, meaning the available funds and expenses must be equal. Operating costs, as well as reserves for unexpected events or future  projects are all accounted for. The budget allows the City to spend money, and sets a limit on how much can be spent. For more information on how the budget works, see “Budgeting Basics” document below. The process of creating the budget begins in April of each year, and  must be completed by  June 30th. 

City Finance Fundamentals

The State requires that the City used fund based accounting. This means that financial needs are separated by specific corresponding accounts. The City of Halsey operates under the following funds:

  • General Fund
  •  Street Fund
  • Street & Pathway Fund
  • Bond Fund
  • Library Fund
  • Water Fund
  • Sewer Fund
  • Water Reserve Fund
  • Sewer Reserve Fund
  • Storm Water Blue Heron Fund
  • Storm Water Drainage Fund
  • Water System Development Charges Fund
  • Sewer System Development Charges Fund
  • Storm Water System Development Fund
  • Veterans Memorial Park Fund
  • Halsey City Park Fund
The ability to transfer between funds is controlled by the State and can only happen in limited situations. Some funds are enterprise funds, such as the Water Fund, Sewer Fund, and Storm Water Drainage Fund. This means that these must be self-supporting, meaning that there is enough revenue to support the cost of the operating system. 

The City’s revenue comes from the following sources:

  • Water & Sewer Revenue
  • Property Taxes & Assessments
  • State Revenue Sharing
  • Franchise Fees
  • Licenses & Permits
  • Fines

Have more questions? Contact the City Administrator/Finance Officer at 541-369-2522 or [email protected]