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August Mayor’s Corner

Well hello again and welcome to August!

Random trivia time. Do you know that August comes from  Old English language based on Latin? The Latin was Augustus meaning “Consecrated Venerable” and the root was based on the very first Roman Emperor Augustus. August is also used as a term of respect when speaking of others.

This summer has been pretty darned hot and with that I hope that you all have stayed cool and well hydrated. It is important that we keep an extra eye out for our neighbors during these hot days, specifically our elderly.

Towards the end of the month keep an eye on the sky toward Albany. The Art and Air Festival is scheduled for Thursday, Aug 25th, 2 PM – Sat, Aug 27th, 2 PM. The Festival is held annually at Timber Linn Park in Albany.

With that, I bid you all a wonderful August-full of adventure, family and laughs. And as always, I remain your Mayor. If you have questions, comments or concerns please email me  at [email protected]

-Mayor Jerry

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