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“I cannot live without books”             -- Thomas Jefferson
Halsey City Library
Photographic Studies of Thompon’s Mills
Now on display at the Library and City Hall. These photos were taken at a photography workshop offered through the Brownsville Art Association with James Bailey, a noted Oregon photographer. The show will be exhibited at several locations over the next few months, and features work by Scott Pilkenton, Tenille McVeigh, Jim Mullholand, and Hans Stangier. Thompson’s Mills is located at 32655 Boston Mill Drive in Shedd. It is the last remaining water-powered mill in the state. The milling machines still run for daily demonstrations. The Mill is open from 9-4pm daily. Free, guided tours are provided on a drop in basis (call ahead for groups of 10 or more). For more information, please call 541-491-3611, or visit the State Parks Website.