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Council is declaring May as Mental Health Awareness Month in the City of Halsey. Mental Health Awareness Month  began in 1949, and is in May of each year. Since launching 69 years ago, Mental Health Awareness Month Campaigns have reached millions of people through the media, events, and screenings. The goal is to bring better understanding, increased empathy, and respect for those who suffer from these debilitating illnesses. Millions of Americans live with mental health conditions, such as schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, and major depression. In fact, studies have shown that about 1 in 5 people will experience a mental health issue in their lifetime. If you are not personally affected, chances are you love someone who is.  Too often,    individuals do not receive proper care, and end up in unfortunate situations. No one should suffer in   silence. During Mental Health Awareness month, we should be encouraged to seek to better understand mental illness, and find ways in which we can help those who are suffering.For more information, please visit
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Mental Health Awareness Month
Development Code Update The Planning Commission is starting work on updating the Halsey Development Code.  The Code was adopted in 2001 and last amended in 2007. Changes are being considered to update it to current standards in Oregon law and to make it more modern and useable.  Many of the proposed changes are based on feedback received from the community over the past five years.  The Planning Commission will hold some work sessions, followed by a public hearing.  The work sessions are public meetings and may be attended like any other but are simply work sessions for the Commission.  The Public Hearing will be for receiving public feedback on the proposed revisions.  The proposed code will also need to be sent to the DLCD for review and then adopted by the City Council.  Keep an eye on the “public notices” page on the website, the Upcoming Events list in the Newsletter, or on the community bulletin boards at City Hall and the Post Office for upcoming meetings.
The   Halsey   City   Council   will   be   considering   the   creation   of   a   new   Storm Water   Drainage   Utility   and   the   creation   of   a   $1.00   per   month   Storm   Water Drainage Utility Fee.  Public   Hearings   will   be   held   on   this   issue   at   the   next   two   regular   City Council   Meetings   on:   Tuesday,   May   8th   at   7:00   pm,   and   Tuesday,   June 12th at 7:00 pm at Halsey City Hall, 100 Halsey Street, Halsey, OR. The   purpose   of   creating   the   Storm   Water   Drainage   Utility   and   the   Storm Water   Drainage   Utility   Fee   is   to   increase   maintenance   on   the   existing Storm    Water    Drainage    system    in    Halsey,    to    provide    matching    funds allowing    the    use    of    Storm    Water    System    Development    Charges    and possible     outside     funding     sources,     and     to     plan     for     future     capital improvement   projects   to   expand   the   capacity   of   the   system.   Revenues derived    from    the    Storm    Water    Drainage    Utility    Fee    would    be    used specifically   for   the   costs   associated   with   maintenance   and   improvement   of the    Storm    Water    Drainage    system    in    Halsey.        Costs    associated    with cleaning   and   repairing   culverts   and   improving   ditches,   as   well   as   the   future upgrading   of   the      facilities   are   all   part   of   the   ongoing   expenses   associated with the storm water drainage system. All    citizens    interested    are    encouraged    to    attend    these    meetings    and provide   comment   or   ask   questions   on   the   reason   for   the   proposed   utility and    utility    fee.        If    you    have    additional    comments    or    concerns,    please contact City Hall.
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Upcoming Events Friday, May 25th -Utility Payments Due by 5 pm, City Hall Monday, May 28th -Memorial Day, City Hall Closed REOCURRING EVENTS: Coffee & Donuts Wednesdays at 9am, Community Center. All are Welcome! Fiber Fridays Grab your current craft project and head to Ewethful Fiber Mill  at 891 West 1st Street for social time. Each Friday from 10am to 3pm.
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This   institution   is   an   equal   opportunity   provider   and   employer.      If   you   wish   to   file   a   Civil   Rights   program   complaint   of   discrimination,   complete   the   USDA   Program Discrimination   Complaint   Form,   found   online   at ,   or   at   any   USDA   office,   or   call   (866)   632-9992   to   request   the   form.     You may   also   write   a   letter   containing   all   of   the   information   requested   in   the   form.      Send   your   completed   complaint   form   or   letter   to   us   by   mail   at   U.S.   Department   of Agriculture, Director, Office of Adjudication, 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20250-9410, by fax (202) 690-7442, or email at .
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